Company Profile


Sin Yoon Loong

Sin Yoon Loong White Coffee Sdn Bhd. is an international coffee company based in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The company’s history can be traced back to 1937 when Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong (Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop) was founded. With over 70 years of experience in providing high quality coffee beverages using premium selected coffee beans, Sin Yoon Loong is the pioneer and the true symbol of "Ipoh White Coffee".

In an effort to meet the pace and satisfy the tastes of modern coffee lovers today, a unique 3-in-1 instant Ipoh White Coffee of superior quality was successfully formulated. The result – My Cofé. Using state-of-the-art production and packaging processes, we managed to carefully preserve our coffee’s exquisite aroma and taste, so that every coffee lover can enjoy a great cup or two of My Cofé everytime...anytime, anywhere...